The Private Jet Tours Aircraft Sales Division offers a wealth of experience in the field of purchasing and selling new and secondhand private jets.

Whether you’re a seasoned buyer looking for a new private jet experience, or making your first thrilling foray into private aircraft ownership, we offer the most comprehensive aircraft sales and acquisition service on the market to individuals and corporations in South Africa.

We have over 100 years of shared industry experience in hundreds of private jet transactions. This, combined with our global reach across five continents, equips us with the local market data and expertise to ensure a seamless and favorable transaction for all our clients. ACS can provide you with expert advice, whether you’re looking for a brand new private jet for sale or you want to sell your aircraft quickly and at the best possible price.

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Whether you’re looking to invest in your first aircraft or upgrade your current jet, we have the expertise to help. From insights into how much it costs to own a private jet to what a private jet costs in South Africa and how to best access the market, we’ll manage the entire transaction and act in your best interests every step of the way. This includes market research and analysis that informs the entire purchasing process. We research on a global rather than regional basis to ensure you have every option available to you, no matter where you’re based.

We also coordinate the delivery of your aircraft, along with export procedures worldwide. Our wide network of partnerships ensures that we can assist with all your requirements, including operations, financing, legal representation, exporting, tax planning, crew staffing, interior completion or aircraft management.


As part of the PrivateJet Tours Group –  Aircraft Sales draws upon the company’s global reach and local contacts. We pride ourselves in providing quality personalised service and we are confident that we can showcase your aircraft to a much wider audience of potential buyers than anyone else in the industry.

Our Aircraft Sales team are experts in their field and have extensive experience when it comes to the marketing and selling of private aircraft. We take care to maintain current data about operators and individuals in search of new or second hand jets, so you can rest assured that we will find a buyer, and see you through the process of selling your aircraft.